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  • Master's Researchers:

    Muzammil Bashir Ahmed
    Thesis Topic: Ontology Modeling for Nursing Care Plans and Clinical Practice Guidelines (April 2009)

    Zeina Chedrawy
    Thesis Topic: PRECISE: A Hybrid of Item-Based Collaborative Filtering and Case Based Reasoning for Contextual Information Personalization (July 2005)

    Selana Davis
    Thesis Topic: Personalization of Cardiovascular Risk Management Using Linkages of SCORE and Behaviour Change Readiness to Web-based Education (August 2006)

    Ryan Druggan
    Thesis Topic: Clinical Knowledge Modeling to Develop E-Clinics for Neuropituary Care (April 2010)

    Xuan Hu
    Thesis Topic: Evaluating Discretization Techniques to Discretize Visual Field Data (April 2005)

    Katrina Hurley
    Thesis Topic: Practice-Oriented Knowledge Abstraction in Development of an Ontology to Model Clinical Pathways (May 2007)

    Qingshuang Jiang
    Thesis Topic: Discovering Generalized Symbolic Rule from Un-annotated Data: A Hybrid of Rough Sets and Attribute Oriented Induction (April 2005)

    Brent Jones
    Thesis Topic: Leveraging Clinical Practice Guidelines to Develop Objective User Models for Customizing Healthcare Information to Manage High Cholesterol (Sept. 2004)

    Aliko Mwakatobe
    Thesis Topic: Information Personalization on the Semantic Web Using Reasoning (August 2006)

    Shapoor Shayegani
    Thesis Topic: Knowledge Modeling to Develop a Clinical Practice Guideline Ontology: Towards Computerization and Merging of Clinical Practice Guidelines (September 2007)
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    Brett Taylor
    Thesis Topic: Interactive Syndromic Surveillance Using Visualization Techniques (August 2009)

    Sanjun Yan
    Thesis Topic: Using Unsupervised Learning Methods to Sub-classify Optic Disk Damage Images (April 2005)

    Jin Yu
    Thesis Topic: A Hybrid Feature Selection Method Classifying Optic Nerve Images (April 2005)

    Yan Zeng
    Thesis Topic: Pursuing Information Personalization as a Constraint Satisfaction Problem (Dec. 2005)

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