Value to Research and to Canada


Leveraging multidisciplinary collaboration between computer scientists, marine biologists and oceanographers, POKM will help to create a virtual and well-connected global community of ocean researchers. It will enable scientists to:

  1. Access, share, integrate and use distributed ocean and marine data, models and knowledge resources, regardless of a scientist’s physical location
  2. Develop complex data models that foster improved understanding of many ocean-related topics such as animal behavior, coastal flooding and climate changes
  3. Visualize complex simulation models within a dynamic environment that allows real-time interaction with colleagues and the analysis of massive amounts of data generated by instruments that observe and monitor our oceans
  4. Study and predict changes in marine ecosystems, and assess the associated impact on animal life and movement

In addition, POKM:

  1. Allows researchers to predict marine life migration patterns that impact Canada’s fishing industry
  2. Provides advance warning of natural disasters such as coastal flooding
  3. Enables collaborative international research into world sustainability problems such as global warming, marine species’ extinction and preservation of natural resources


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